ScottsĀ® Lawn Care Program

All Your Lawn Care Needs, Right At Your Doorstep

Without proper care, your yard can quickly become a battleground of grass vs. weeds. Fortunately, there's no need for a turf war, thanks to the ScottsĀ® Lawn Care Program.

We save you time and eliminate guesswork by sending exactly what you need, based on your zip code, grass type, and lawn size. We'll even remind you when it's time to apply each product.

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We'll send you all bags at once, so you'll have every product in your plan.

We remind you when to apply

We'll notify you when it's time to apply each product.

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Let Scotts Remind You When To Apply

The My Lawn app from Scotts simplifies lawn care by creating an easy-to-follow lawn maintenance plan so you know the right products to use at the right time. Simply tell the app a little about your lawn and it will help you know what to do to get you get your lawn the way you want. You have the ability to modify those recommendations and add your own, so you have a complete plan customized for you.

Create your custom lawn care plan in five simple steps. Discover custom lawn care tips based on your grass type, location, lawn size, seed, feed, weed, and weather conditions.